William “Bill” Munns

After 50 years, the Patterson-Gimlin film remains persistently controversial, but Bill Munns, one of the film’s leading experts, has a solution for those on the fence about its authenticity.  He tackles the debate from his unique perspective as a professional Hollywood special effects and makeup artist, filmmaker, and expert in fossil hominoid reconstruction.

Using state-of-the-art analysis technology, Munns dissected the film for seven years, presenting his analysis in “When Roger Met Patty.”  The book also contains material from papers he co-authored with Dr. Jeff Meldrum evaluating the film and its subject hominid from several standpoints.

Appealing to anyone ambivalent or curious about the film, Munns’ book presents his detailed examination in an academic and technical format.  He also maintains a website, www.themunnsreport.com , that summarizes his findings.

Munns concluded the film could not have been faked using 1967 technology.  His book is a fascinating trail of evidence illustrating his steps to that conclusion.

 Books by Bill Munns: