Dmitri Bayanov

For leading Russian cryptozoologist and hominologist, Dmitri Bayanov, Bigfoot is not a belief but a fact.  He represents the Russian perspective, based on all of the evidence investigators have gathered on cryptid primates, that Sasquatch, Yeti, and Almas are relict hominids, relatives of Homo sapiens.  For Bayanov and other Russian hominologists, the existence of these primates is real, not merely theory and folk tales.

Bayanov believes that the discovery of relict hominids is a rediscovery of the creatures known in the 18th century as Homo troglodytes and Homo sylvestris.  He asserts that hominoid legends have basis in fact and scientists cannot avoid investigating for fear that a Bigfoot discovery would overturn theories of evolution and anthropology.

A graduate of a Russian teachers college, Bayanov originated the term “hominology” in the 1970s.  He was among the researchers who studied the Patterson/Gimlin film and found it authentic.

Bayanov joined the Relict Humanoid Research Seminar at the Darwin Museum in 1964 and became its Chairman in 1975.  He is a founding board member of the International Society of Cryptozoology.

 Books by Dmitri Bayanov: