This are the most well know video’s proporting to have filmed a Bigfoot. We try to find the originals, or as close to the original as possible to let the viewer make up their own mind.

Not in any order, nor comprehensive. If you’d like to nominate a clip, please send to

Patterson/Gimlin Film


Marble Mountain


Paul Freeman Footage


Memorial Day Footage


Barbara Shupe’s “Cloaker” video


Christopher Noel’s “Woodpile” Thermal


Hemiplegic Bigfoot 


Prince Edwards Island Sighting


PA White Sasquatch

New York Baby Bigfoot


Tatra Mountain Sasquatch


The Alberta Family Clip


Mission British Columbia Clip


Provo Canyon Clip


Russian Boys Film Bigfoot/Yeti


Polish Yeti Footage


Yeti filmed in Himalaya


Skunkape/Bigfoot From Lettuce Lake Park Florida


TimberGiantBigFoot’s Bigfoot


Sasquatch Looking In Window


Harley Hoffman Clip




Stacy Brown FLIR Bigfoot Footage


Peguis Back road Bigfoot Sasquatch sighting


Del Norte BigFoot Sighting

Polish Yeti Caught Spying On Bikini Girl


South Jersey Sasquatch



NY Bigfoot baby Bigfoot


Ketchikan Bigfoot