Thom Powell

Thom Powell has always been ahead of the curve in Sasquatch research.  Starting as a traditional field researcher with the BFRO, he learned searching for Bigfoot was unnecessary.  Sasquatch was already living around people.

His book, The Locals, is a seminal work on Sasquatch based on his interviews with witnesses.  It contributed to the Habituation Method of researching and has become essential reading for any aspiring researcher.

His recent book, Edges of Science , documents eyewitness reports of strange occurrences experienced in Bigfoot encounters: cloaking, mind-speak, orbs, UFOs.  Despite doubts about these “paranormal” aspects of Sasquatch research, people continue reporting the paranormal experiences with their Sasquatch sightings.  Tackling these issues has made the book another must-read for researchers.

Thom is a career science teacher living outside Portland, Oregon.  For more information about Thom Powell, visit his website,

Books by Thom Powell: