Lori and Dustin Chandler

Lori and Dustin Chandler weren’t searching for Bigfoot but a Sasquatch family found them.  In their rural Carroll County, Georgia backyard, the Chandlers discovered giant footprints and had sightings of the secretive creatures soon after they moved onto the property.  The Georgia Bigfoot Society investigated and verified the exciting, occasionally scary incidents, including the couple’s mutual gift exchanges with the “Foots.”

The Chandlers have documented their continuing adventure in “Visitors in the Twilight” and the follow-up work, “Shadow Lords of the Twilight”—down-to-earth accounts of the Chandlers’ habituation relationship with the Forest People presented in their sincere, unassuming style.

The Chandlers’ two thrilling and absorbing accounts enhance the Bigfoot knowledge base and are must-read chronicles of an actual unfolding experience of Bigfoot habituation.

Books by Lori and Dustin Chandler: