Vladimir Markotić

Dr. Vladimir Markotić was among the group of eminent Russian hominologists that studied and then confirmed Bigfoot’s existence as fact.  Early on, both Markotić and Dmitri Bayanov endorsed the Patterson-Gimlin film (PGF) as the best evidence presented for Sasquatch.

With Dr. Grover Krantz, Dr. Markotić compiled, edited and published notable Sasquatch research papers presented in anthropology journals and at the Anthropology of the Unknown Conference (1978) in the book, “The Sasquatch and Other Unknown Hominids,” a classic collection of Bigfoot study.  This enlightening and useful volume contains research papers by top investigators including Loren Coleman, John Green, Gordon Strasenburgh, Marie Jeanne-Kaufmann, Dr. Krantz, Dr. Markotić, Dmitri Bayanov, and Igor Bourtsev.

Born in Yugoslavia, Dr. Markotić immigrated to the US and earned his PhD in Anthropology from Harvard University.  He settled in Alberta, Canada in 1965 where he became Associate Professor Emeritus of Archaeology at the University of Calgary.  Markotić’s impeccable academic credentials made him a sought-after Sasquatch authority.

This rare collection of the best of Bigfoot foundational research papers makes for enlightening reading that will deepen your understanding of the Sasquatch mystery.

Books by Dr. Vladimir Markotić: