Christopher L. Murphy

Preeminent Canadian Bigfoot authority, Christopher L. Murphy, authored or co-authored several must-read works on Sasquatch, the legendary Ohio Grassman, the controversial Patterson-Gimlin Film (PGF), and built a scale model of the film’s site.  The British Columbia resident has collaborated with leading Bigfoot investigators, including René Dahinden and “Mr. Sasquatch” John Green of the Four Horsemen of Sasquatchery.

With Green and noted Canadian researcher Thomas Steenburg, Murphy wrote, “Meet the Sasquatch,” to supplement his popular Sasquatch exhibit as it traveled across the Pacific Northwest.  The book won The Anomalist’s Best Illustrated Book of the Year award.

Murphy published an update of the detailed analysis and review of the PGF, which he originally wrote with Roger Patterson (posthumously).  Murphy considers the film among the most convincing evidence for Bigfoot.

“Sasquatch in British Columbia,” is Murphy’s captivating account of the 200-year history of BC Sasquatch reporting from the earliest to the present.  He includes findings of foremost BC researchers, media reports, and tributes to the field’s pioneers and their lasting influence.  A comprehensive reference of British Columbia Bigfooting and an engrossing read, this book deserves a place in your library’s Christopher Murphy collection.

Books by Christopher L. Murphy: