Chad Arment

Chad Arment, credited with formalizing the study of cryptids, became hooked on cryptozoology after reading Marian Place’s book, “On the Track of Bigfoot,” in the fourth grade.  He has since created the first email list dedicated to cryptozoology, and founded Coachwhip Publications, specializing in publishing cryptozoological books.

The Ohio resident is the author of “The Historical Bigfoot ” a compilation of the most significant sightings of Wild Men, Gorillas, and other mysterious creatures from the 1800s to 1940s.  He examines hoaxes, mistaken identifications, and the impact of newspaper reporting on such sightings.  His popular book, “Cryptozoology: Science & Speculation,” discusses the application of the scientific method to the study of cryptids.

Arment, who describes cryptozoology as “discovery science, not research science,” holds his undergraduate biology degree from Wright State University in Ohio.  He is the editor of “Cryptozoology and the Investigation of Lesser-Known Mystery Animals,” publishes The BioFortean Review online, and maintains the Strange Ark blog.

Together, Arment’s books, “Bigfoot” and “Cryptozoology” are valuable references for investigators.

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