Bernard Heuvelmans

The “Father of Cryptozoology,” Dr. Bernard Heuvelmans, wrote two of the most significant works in the field, “On the Track of Unknown Animals” and “In the Wake of the Sea-Serpents.”  Over 60 years after its first printing, “Unknown Animals” has sold over a million copies.

A pioneer in cryptid investigation, the Belgian-French scientist made major contributions to cryptozoology, zoology, and anthropology.  Heuvelmans’ solid academic background and scrupulous adherence to scientific documentation won him respect.  He earned his PhD in Zoology from the Free University of Brussels and studied under Serge Frechkop, a Theory of Initial Bipedalism supporter.

Committed to advancing cryptozoological study, Heuvelmans established the Center for Cryptozoology, which houses his library.  He served as the first president of both the International Society of Cryptozoology and the Centre for Fortean Zoology.  He donated over 50,000 documents, specimens, and photos to the Museum of Zoology in Switzerland.

While his influence among colleagues was considerable, he credited Ivan T. Sanderson’s 1948 article, “There Could be Dinosaurs,” with influencing him to launch his cryptid research.  Together, Heuvelmans and Sanderson share the title, “Godfathers of Cryptozoology.”

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