John Willison Green

Known as “Mr. Sasquatch,” John Green, was a pioneer and leading researcher in Bigfoot investigation.  He amassed a database of more than 3000 sightings and track reports.  Green began investigating Bigfoot in 1957 and studied the Bluff Creek tracks in 1958.  He was the first to investigate the Ostman Bigfoot abduction of 1924, and studied the 1941 Sasquatch encounter at Ruby Creek.

A graduate of University of British Columbia and Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Green was a newspaper journalist for over 40 years in Canada.  His authoritative work influenced many early Sasquatch researchers and remains the most important investigative work in the field.  One of the Four Horsemen of Sasquatchery, Green wrote “Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us,” recognized as the definitive book on the subject.

Green’s works chronicling Sasquatch investigations over the years is a mandatory reference collection for any Bigfoot research library.

Books by John Willison Green: