Events – 2017


10 Sasquatch: Man-Ape or Myth, Steilacoom Museum, Steilacoom, WA

11 Hamilton Lane Library presents the Ohio Night Stalkers, Hamilton, OH

10 – 12 Bigfoot Bonanza at the Balboa, San Fransisco, CA


8 Free Seminar, Pennsylvania Bigfoot Investigations, Dupont, PA

17 “The Scientific Perspective on Bigfoot”, Cleo Redd Fisher Museum, Loudonville, OH

21 – 23  3rd Annual TS-USA Bigfoot University Conference, Bremerton, WA

22 Arkansas Bigfoot Conference, Vilonia, AR

29 Finding Bigfoot Festival, Willow Creek, CA


6 Bigfoot in Ohio, Centerville, OH

5 -7 Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure, Farmington, PA

20 D.W. “Darkwing” Lee at Anomalist’s Books and Brews, Lexinton, OK

20 The Ohio Bigfoot Conference, Lore City, OH

21 Don Peak Wilderness Adventures Bigfoot and Dogman Conference, Louisville, KY


30 ECBRO 1st ANNUAL Bigfoot Conference, Harrisonburg, VA




19 Oregon Bigfoot Fest, Troutdale, OR

26 A.C.R.O. 2nd Annual Australian Cryptozoology Conference, Australia


1 – 3 Patterson-Gimlin Film 50th Anniversary Conference, Willow Creek, CA

1-3 International Bigfoot Conference, Kennawick, WA

1-3 Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference, Cheweleh, WA

2-4 International Cryptozoology Conference 2017, Portland, Maine

9 – 10 Cryptid Con, Frankfort, NY

22 – 23 Big Sky Bigfoot Conference, Hamilton, Montana

29 – 1 Oct Hocking Hills Bigfoot Conference, South Bloomingville, OH


6 – 8 Texas Bigfoot Conference, Jefferson, TX

6 – 7 Virginia Bigfoot Conference, Bristol, VA

6 – 8 Mile High Mystery Conference, Denver, CO


5  Bigfoot Seminar, Harlan Public Library, Harlan, Kentucky

TBA Sasquatch Summit, Ocean Shores, WA