Lyle Blackburn

Texas cryptozoologist, Lyle Blackburn, has contributed definitive research for the Boggy Creek monster of Fouke, Arkansas.  His exhaustive study captures both the evidence and the atmosphere of the locale where residents reported Bigfoot sightings.  Blackburn’s investigation of the eyewitness accounts and nuances of the local culture and landscape delivers a deeper insight into the background of southern Sasquatch legends.

“The Beast of Boggy Creek” explores the history of the Fouke Monster and the making of the horror film, The Legend of Boggy Creek.  Blackburn compiles scattered articles, reports, theories, and accounts in a single work that includes a detailed record of more than 70 encounters, and over 50 illustrations that document the case still generating reports today.

In his recent book, “Beyond Boggy Creek: In Search of the Southern Sasquatch,” Blackburn presents a comprehensive examination of historical and modern Bigfoot encounters in the southern US, with eyewitness interviews, archival evidence, and on-site descriptions.

Blackburn’s books are engrossing must-have studies of Southern US Sasquatch sightings that describe the environment and compelling evidence that will convince researchers and casual readers alike.

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