Sali Sheppard-Wolford

Sali Sheppard-Wolford wrote  “Valley of the Skookum:  Four Years of Encounters With Bigfoot” as a memoir for her daughter, bigfoot researcher and author, Autumn Williams,   The book tells the story of their lives in their “rustic cabin” home in Orting, WA in the ’70’s.

A wonderfully written and insightful book, Sali takes us through four years of hers, her family and her neighbor’s life changing encounters with mysterious beings, light anomolies and strange phenomena.  She also details a time traveling spiritual journey with an Ancient Chinook Navite American Guide “Dream Walker”.  Sali’s personal narrative is compelling as is her struggle to make sense of it all.


In addition to her memoir, she has written 3 adult fiction books and she is the author and illustrator of 15 Color and Keep storybooks for children.  Her children’s book “My Secret Friend” tells of a young girl’s friendship with Sasquatch.  It was written for her two youngest children due to sasquatch activity at their home.


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