Thomas Steenburg

Thomas Steenburg, one of the best-known Canadian Sasquatch researchers, is an active field investigator and author.  He has researched hundreds of sightings and discovered over 100 tracks at the Chilliwack River.

The British Columbia resident has spent nearly 40 years investigating sightings in his lifelong search for evidence to prove Bigfoot’s existence.  He also devotes as much effort to debunking false reports and hoaxes.

Concentrating on the B.C. and Alberta areas, Steenburg employs a standardized questionnaire he developed for interviewing eyewitnesses.  His three books:  “The Sasquatch in Alberta” (out of print), “Sasquatch: Bigfoot : The Continuing Mystery”, and “In Search of Giants” have an engaging style similar to that of his friend and associate, John Green, whom he credits with laying the groundwork for Bigfoot research.  Steenburg also co-authored “Meet the Sasquatch” with fellow Canadian Bigfooter, Christopher Murphy.

He has participated in several documentaries and contributed material for articles and books.  He maintains a YouTube channel and a website,  Through his reporting of eyewitnesses’ experiences and documenting new or little known sightings, Steenburg gives readers clearer insight into Sasquatch behavior and personality.  His fresh accounts will capture even a skeptic’s attention.

Books by Thomas Steenburg: