Christopher Noel

Christopher Noel is a Burlington, Vermont-based sasquatch researcher.

Noel brings to his study an academic tone, and rightly so. For two decades, this Yale philosophy graduate taught at the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Noel, a writer and author, as well as a well-known editor and writing coach, was among the early adopters of the habituation method, embracing spending time in the forest to camp and better understand the Bigfoot species and its behavior.  

His books include:  “Our Life with Bigfoot: Knowing Our Next of Kin at Habituation Sites,” “The Mind of of the Sasquatch: Expanding the Savant Theory,” “Impossible Visits: The Inside Story of Interactions with Sasquatch at Habituation Sites,” “The Sasquatch Savant Theory,” and “Our Life With Bigfoot.” His latest, published in 2016 with co-author Zoe Christiansen, is “A Field Guide to Sasquatch Structures: The 50 Most Common Types in North American Forests.” He has also written books about processing grief and children’s tales.

Noel is well-known in the Bigfoot community and considered a top authority in New England. He regularly posts videos on YouTube where he embraces science and humor in discussing his ongoing studies. He is a fan of open-source research, allowing others in the community to share and discuss. In recent years, he has embraced Utah researcher Nathan Reo’s ongoing “Project Go and See.”


Noel, a longtime expedition leader for the BFRO, also leads his own “Wild Vermont Expeditions,” with targeted trips in his state that allow participants to hike in and camp out for two days, staying up nightly to embrace interactions.