Featured Book: Army Techniques Publication ATP 3-90.15 Site Exploitation

Army Techniques Publication ATP 3-90.15 Site Exploitation July 2015 (Army Techniques Publications)
I’ll admit, this is a personal axe of mine to grind.  Bare with me.

When a Bigfoot Researcher casts a print, or records audio, or snaps a picture, or saves some M&M’s for DNA analysis…they are doing Site Exploitation (SE). In a nutshell,  SE happens when data is gathered from a location of interest for information/data collection purposes.  Maybe the Researcher is attempting to provide proof of existence, or maybe just trying to learn more about Bigfoot behavior.  Conclusions based off the gathered information requires further analysis; another topic in itself.

Unfortunately, most Researchers have little to no guidance on how to go about data collection.  It’s my opinion this has been a huge hindrance to the furthering of the study.  Unless you are in a profession which teaches collection methods, amateurs are at a great disadvantage.  There are not a lot of publications available which teach SE.  In any case, we have to go outside of the Bigfoot community, learn the principles, and then apply and stylize for Bigfoot study.  But the principles are the same.

The recently updated, and publicly available, Army Techniques Publication (ATP) is an excellent place for the serious Researcher seeking to up their game to start. Although obviously written for military application, it will open an amateur’s perspective of what goes into serious data/information collection; and then what to do with the information once acquired.

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