Lori Simmons

Lori Simmons carries on her father, Donald Dee Wallace’s, 28-year search for Bigfoot in the Cascade Mountains.  Lori fulfilled her promise to publish Wallace’s candid, unaffected account of his research in the books “Tracking Bigfoot” and “Tracking Bigfoot: The Journey Continues.”

Living in the Puget Sound area, she has found tantalizing evidence and had intriguing encounters in the Cascades while literally following in Wallace’s footsteps.

An actor and writer, Simmons participated in documentaries such as “In Hiding: A Bigfoot Story,” “In Seclusion: Another Bigfoot Story” (due in 2018) and “Underground Giants: The Donald Wallace Story” (coming in 2019).

A 30-year resident of the North Cascades, Wallace had a Bigfoot encounter while deer hunting that changed his life, setting him on his mission to prove Bigfoot’s existence.  Lori’s dedication to publishing her father’s quest has given Sasquatch research the benefit of his unique observations and unconventional theories.

Wallace hypothesized Sasquatch lived underground, staying concealed by moving through tunnels.  His research style drew heavily on his expert tracking skill and keen knowledge of the outdoors, rather than on scientific method.

An inspiring story of Wallace’s passion for finding Bigfoot, the book presents a rare glimpse of Sasquatch seen through the eyes of a Bigfooter who also lived off the land on the creature’s home turf.

Books by Lori Simmons: