John Russell Napier

Dr. John Russell Napier, the distinguished British primatologist, brought his considerable expertise and impeccable credentials to the field of Sasquatch and Yeti research in the 1960’s.  An orthopedic surgeon, Napier changed careers, directing his interest to primatology and paleoanthropology.  He gained wide respect for his work with Louis Leakey in identifying Homo habilis as a new hominid species in 1964.

Napier is a former Primate Biology professor at the University of London.  He later became Director of the Primate Biology Program at the Smithsonian Institution, where he examined the Patterson-Gimlin film.  He initially concluded the film was a hoax, but later declared the film’s evidence inclusive.

For Napier, the indirect evidence of footprints, sightings, and encounters was convincing enough to warrant continued investigation.  He interviewed both eyewitnesses and investigators, and examined sites in an effort to sort out fact from hoax.

In “Bigfoot: The Yeti and Sasquatch in Myth and Reality,” Napier examines the evidence of footprints, witness encounters, and descriptions in detail to establish the data and probability for Bigfoot’s existence.

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