Craig Heinselman

Craig Heinselman cultivated a boyhood interest in mysterious animals that matured into a cryptozoology career studying both land and aquatic cryptids.  The New Hampshire resident became the editor and publisher of the free “Crypto” newsletter in 1998.  After it ceased publication, he published special editions in 2001 and 2002.

Heinselman has conducted extensive field investigations and bibliographical research.  His favorite topic is cryptofiction, the literary depiction of cryptids.  He has contributed to cryptozoology as an author, editor, and reviewer, applying his common sense approach.  Heinselman’s article on the causes and occurrences of eye shine explain the phenomenon’s significance in Hominology (“Eye Shine, Why and How,”  He published his examination of the North American Thunderbird, available on, citing legends, modern and historical sightings, and images.  Extant evidence of the predator has not yet been uncovered.

As an editor, Heinselman has produced several pieces including, “Elementum Bestia: Being an Examination of Unknown Animals of the Air, Earth, Fire and Water,” “Crypto Hominology Special Number 1 April 7, 2001,” and “CRYPTO DRACONTOLOGY Special Number 1: Being an Examination of Unknown Aquatic Animals (Signed).”  Among the works he has reviewed is Dr. Grover Krantz’s “Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence.”