Ron Morehead

One can only wonder if Ron Morehead knew what a life changing event taking supplies up to a hunting cabin could be.  Over time he and the hunting crew began to interact with the local bipedals, and eventually recorded what is now known as the Sierra Sounds. These recordings of Sasquatch talking have fascinated researchers for decades. But Mr. Morehead didn’t rest on his laurels.  An avid adventurer, Ron has traveled the world and sought out many other mysteries.

One very admirable quality is Ron’s willingness to explore new Hypothesis on the Sasquatch, as demonstrated by his latest book The Quantum Bigfoot.  In it Ron explores possibilities which may explain some of the more paranormal aspect of Bigfoot eyewitnesses report.

A staple speaker at the various Sasquatch/Bigfoot Conferences, Ron is a must see speaker if anyone has the chance to attend.

You can learn more about Mr. Morehead at his website at: